Color-Dec is a worldwide leader of the “Domes” technology.
A system for production of a bicomponent resins with high transparency, which degassed and mixed by Domes Equipment, casted on a graphic support, create a three-dimensional finished product of high aesthetical quality and impact.
The manufacturing process always involved use of catalyst containing mercury and raw materials of chemical origin (hydrocarbon), that cause critical issues in terms of environment and safety.

Color- Dec, always committed to Research & Development, has given rise
to HERMES Project focusing on the development of new generation of Domes
resins, functionally “green”, environment-friendly and less-polluting in all production
phases, compared to the standard of market that are still using Mercury as catalyst.
A great innovation of both product and process that involves all phases of resin
production and equipment development in order to reach a perfect compatibility with
new formulations, including the necessary improvement to comply with Industry 4.0.