You have our attention

Post-sale assistance has always been the real link between our Company and the Customer, the real added value which distinguishes our approach from our competitors. Our target is not a mere sale but we aim to build a solid and long-lasting relationship. Qualified and continuously trained staff is our heritage and confirms our reliability and our presence in the Worldwide market.



Our range of services comprehends:

- Color-Dec is constantly monitoring the market to ensure our products, services and equipment meet the immediate and future requirements of our clients.

- Technical assistance and support is at the forefront of Color-Dec's commitment to our customers. We provide complete "life cycle support" for all our equipment. Starting at installation, Color-Dec provides our clients with installation, training and ongoing technical support. Our technical support is available via email, phone, onsite and, in many cases, using realtime remote connection tools.

- On-site training for all Color-Dec equipment is available at both time of installation and whenever requested by our clients. Training by our technical staff ensures the optimal operation of your Color-Dec equipment.

- Technical documentation is available, hardcopy and electronically, for all Color-Dec equipment.